From New York to Hong Kong, Sound Off™ Experience has the largest global footprint in event production using wireless technology.

We provide wireless audio solutions for special events. With a maximum coverage area of 500 yards, the scope and scale of events are virtually limitless.

Our noise-isolating, LED headsets make amplified sound audible to each attendee while eliminating external distractions. Attendees have complete control over their experience as they can adjust the volume to their own perfect level.

Depending on the style of event, up to 3 channels of audio can be made available in each headphone.

Whether looking to comply with sound ordinance issues or simply wanting to wow the crowd at your next soirée, Sound Off headphones are the perfect addition to fitness and wellness events, after-hour parties, weddings, film screenings, music festivals, corporate affairs, guided group events and much more.

Sound Off Cincinnati is powered by Sound Off Co and works closely with instructors, studio owners, non-profits, business owners, and individuals to enhance special events by adding a unique audio experience.

We offer the opportunity to create a class, party, or event that is specified to your needs. 

Everyone will leave your event uplifted,  empowered, and looking forward to your next offering. 
Images + video provided by Sound Off Co

SoundOff Yoga on Baker Beach in San Francisco

Incorporating Sound Off™ technology to this event took a traditional vinyasa class, and spiced it up with a dance break at the height of class and allowed each participant to adjust volume levels to their own comfort. 


SoundOff Wedding Afterparty

Incorporating Sound Off™ technology into weddings and group events adds a little something different for guests and allows each participant to adjust volume levels to their comfort.